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HCMC Journal


2023-03-27/2023-03-31Martin HolmesATOP 2023-03-27 to 2023-03-31110
2023-03-27/2023-03-31Martin HolmesDVPP 2023-03-27 to 2023-03-31120
2023-03-27/2023-03-31Martin HolmesMonument 2023-03-27 to 2023-03-31130
2023-03-22Martin HolmesRegular meeting and decisions on v2 progress90
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin HolmesATOP 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24180
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin HolmesMoses 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24190
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin HolmesLEMDO 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-2470
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin HolmesEB11 project 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-2445
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin HolmesDVPP 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24200
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin HolmesWendat 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24110
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin HolmesMonument 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24380
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin Holmes2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24120
2023-03-20/2023-03-24Martin HolmesMoEML 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24200
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin HolmesATOP 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-1790
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin HolmesMoses 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-17200
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin HolmesLEMDO 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-1750
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin HolmesDVPP 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-17315
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin HolmesWendat 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-17120
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin HolmesEndings 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-17255
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin HolmesMonument 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-17190
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin Holmes2023-03-13 to 2023-03-1725
2023-03-13/2023-03-17Martin HolmesMoEML 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-17300
2023-03-10Martin HolmesFix for site bug and new release70
2023-03-06/2023-03-10Martin HolmesATOP 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-10180
2023-03-06/2023-03-10Martin HolmesMoses 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-10540
2023-03-06/2023-03-10Martin HolmesLEMDO 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-10100
2023-03-06/2023-03-10Martin HolmesDVPP 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-1080
2023-03-06/2023-03-10Martin HolmesEndings 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-1095
2023-03-06/2023-03-10Martin HolmesMonument 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-10320
2023-03-06/2023-03-10Martin Holmes2023-03-06 to 2023-03-1040
2023-03-06/2023-03-10Martin HolmesMoEML 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-1060
2023-03-03Martin HolmesFinal tweaks to build for design45
2023-03-02/2023-03-03Martin HolmesEndings 2023-03-02 to 2023-03-03200
2023-03-01/2023-03-31Martin HolmesDHQ editor work295
2023-02-28Martin HolmesLatin site fixes45
2023-02-27/2023-03-03Martin Holmes2023-02-27 to 2023-03-03210
2023-02-27/2023-03-03Martin Holmes2023-02-27 to 2023-03-03300
2023-02-27/2023-03-03Martin Holmes2023-02-27 to 2023-03-03230
2023-02-27/2023-03-03Martin HolmesMonument 2023-02-27 to 2023-03-03540
2023-02-23/2023-02-24Martin HolmesMAJW 2023-02-23 to 2023-02-2490
2023-02-21/2023-02-24Martin HolmesATOP 2023-02-21 to 2023-02-24140
2023-02-21/2023-02-24Martin Holmes2023-02-21 to 2023-02-24270
2023-02-21/2023-02-24Martin Holmes2023-02-21 to 2023-02-24420
2023-02-21/2023-03-03Martin HolmesDVPP 2023-02-21 to 2023-03-03240
2023-02-21/2023-02-24Martin HolmesMonument 2023-02-21 to 2023-02-24210
2023-02-21/2023-02-24Martin HolmesMoEML 2023-02-21 to 2023-02-2480
2023-02-17Martin HolmesDHQ editor work90
2023-02-15Martin HolmesATOP meeting 2023-02-15100
2023-02-15/2022-02-17Martin HolmesLEMDO fixes for <ptr> processing85
2023-02-15Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.23 published75
2023-02-14Martin HolmesATOP work 2023-02-1490
2023-02-13/2023-02-17Martin Holmes2023-02-13 to 2023-02-17260
2023-02-13/2023-02-17Martin HolmesMonument 2023-02-13 to 2023-02-17360
2023-02-13/2023-02-17Martin HolmesMAJW 2023-02-13 to 2023-02-17300
2023-02-09Martin HolmesFinding and fixing bad links125
2023-02-08Martin HolmesATOP meeting 2023-02-0880
2023-02-06/2023-02-10Martin HolmesMoses 2023-02-06 to 2023-02-10100
2023-02-06/2023-02-10Martin Holmes2023-02-06 to 2023-02-1020
2023-02-06/2023-02-10Martin HolmesEndings 2023-02-06 to 2023-02-10115
2023-02-06/2023-02-10Martin HolmesDVPP 2023-02-06 to 2023-02-1090
2023-02-06/2023-02-10Martin HolmesMonument 2023-02-06 to 2023-02-10480
2023-02-06/2023-02-10Martin HolmesMAJW 2023-02-06 to 2023-02-10400
2023-02-06/2023-02-10Martin HolmesMoEML 2023-02-06 to 2023-02-1080
2023-02-02Greg NewtonPostgreSQL 12 unicode handling15
2023-01-30/2023-02-03Martin HolmesMoses project 2023-01-30 to 2023-02-03390
2023-01-30/2023-02-03Martin HolmesLEMDO 2023-01-30 to 2023-02-03305
2023-01-30/2023-02-03Martin HolmesEndings project 2023-01-30 to 2023-02-03260
2023-01-30/2023-02-03Martin HolmesDVPP project 2023-01-30 to 2023-02-03210
2023-01-30/2023-02-03Martin HolmesMonument project 2023-01-30 to 2023-02-03165
2023-01-30/2023-02-03Martin HolmesMAJW project 2023-01-30 to 2023-02-0395
2023-01-25/2023-01-31Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work in late January (2)0
2023-01-25/2023-01-27Martin HolmesMoEML project 2023-01-25 to 2023-01-27130
2023-01-24Martin HolmesFixed a typo on the Latin site15
2023-01-23/2023-01-27Martin HolmesMoses project 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-2755
2023-01-23/2023-01-27Martin HolmesLEMDO 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-27165
2023-01-23/2023-01-27Martin HolmesEndings project 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-27165
2023-01-23/2023-01-27Martin HolmesDVPP project 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-27245
2023-01-23/2023-01-27Martin HolmesMonument project 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-27350
2023-01-23/2023-01-27Martin HolmesMAJW project 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-27155
2023-01-18/2023-01-24Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work in late January125
2023-01-16/2023-01-20Martin HolmesMoses project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20190
2023-01-16/2023-01-20Martin HolmesLEMDO 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20275
2023-01-16/2023-01-20Martin HolmesEB11 project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-2045
2023-01-16/2023-01-20Martin HolmesEndings project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20140
2023-01-16/2023-01-20Martin HolmesDVPP project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20135
2023-01-16/2023-01-20Martin HolmesMonument project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20265
2023-01-16/2023-01-20Martin HolmesMAJW project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20360
2023-01-16/2023-01-20Martin HolmesMoEML project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-2065
2023-01-13Martin HolmesLEMDO debugging of build breaks30
2023-01-11Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: weekly meeting100
2023-01-09/2023-01-13Martin HolmesMoses project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-13600
2023-01-09/2023-01-13Martin HolmesEB11 project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-1330
2023-01-09/2023-01-13Martin HolmesEndings project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-1345
2023-01-09/2023-01-13Martin HolmesDVPP project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-13175
2023-01-09/2023-01-13Martin HolmesWendat project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-1330
2023-01-09/2023-01-13Martin HolmesMonument project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-13210
2023-01-09/2023-01-13Martin HolmesMAJW project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-13270
2023-01-09/2023-01-13Martin HolmesMoEML project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-1390
2023-01-04Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: weekly meeting100
2022-12-24/2023-01-06Martin HolmesDVPP project 2022-12-24 to 2023-01-0690
2022-12-24/2023-01-06Martin HolmesMonument project 2022-12-24 to 2023-01-06240
2022-12-24/2023-01-06Martin HolmesMAJW project 2022-12-24 to 2023-01-06220
2022-12-19/2022-12-23Martin HolmesLEMDO project 2022-12-19 to 2022-12-23470
2022-12-19/2022-12-23Martin HolmesDVPP 2022-12-19 to 2022-12-23105
2022-12-19/2022-12-23Martin HolmesMonument project 2022-12-19 to 2022-12-23605
2022-12-19/2022-12-23Martin HolmesMAJW project 2022-12-19 to 2022-12-23130
2022-12-16Martin HolmesstaticSearch version 1.4.3 released
2022-12-16Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.4 published5
2022-12-16Martin HolmesstaticSearch: new release, and release strategy70
2022-12-14/2022-12-23Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work running up to the Christmas break170
2022-12-14/2022-12-16Martin HolmesDespatches project 2022-12-14 to 2022-12-1680
2022-12-12/2022-12-16Martin HolmesEB11 project 2022-12-12 to 2022-12-160
2022-12-12/2022-12-16Martin HolmesDVPP 2022-12-12 to 2022-12-1675
2022-12-12/2022-12-16Martin HolmesWendat work 2022-12-12 to 2022-12-160
2022-12-12/2022-12-16Martin HolmesMonument project 2022-12-12 to 2022-12-16310
2022-12-12/2022-12-16Martin HolmesMAJW project 2022-12-12 to 2022-12-16465
2022-12-09Martin HolmesMoEML 2022-12-0925
2022-12-07/2022-12-13Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work 2022-12-07 to 2022-12-13185
2022-12-06/2022-12-09Martin HolmesLEMDO project 2022-12-06 to 2022-12-09305
2022-12-05/2022-12-09Martin HolmesEB11 project 2022-12-05 to 2022-12-0920
2022-12-05/2022-12-09Martin HolmesDVPP 2022-12-05 to 2022-12-09100
2022-12-05Martin HolmesWendat work 2022-12-0520
2022-12-05/2022-12-09Martin HolmesMonument project 2022-12-05 to 2022-12-09435
2022-12-05/2022-12-09Martin HolmesMAJW project 2022-12-05 to 2022-12-09440
2022-11-30/2022-12-02Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work 2022-11-30 to 2022-12-02190
2022-11-30/2022-12-02Martin HolmesWendat work 2022-11-30 to 2022-12-02150
2022-11-28/2022-12-02Martin HolmesMoses project 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-0255
2022-11-28/2022-12-02Martin HolmesLEMDO project 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-0290
2022-11-28/2022-12-02Martin HolmesEndings project 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-02260
2022-11-28/2022-12-02Martin HolmesDVPP 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-02150
2022-11-28/2022-12-02Martin HolmesMonument project 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-0280
2022-11-28/2022-12-02Martin HolmesMAJW project 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-02510
2022-11-23/2022-11-25Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work 2022-11-23 to 2022-11-2590
2022-11-21/2022-11-25Martin HolmesMoses project 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-25195
2022-11-21/2022-11-25Martin HolmesLEMDO project 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-25190
2022-11-21/2022-11-25Martin HolmesEB11 project 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-2565
2022-11-21/2022-11-25Martin HolmesEndings project 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-2555
2022-11-21/2022-11-25Martin HolmesDVPP 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-25155
2022-11-21/2022-11-25Martin HolmesWendat work 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-2535
2022-11-21/2022-11-25Martin HolmesMAJW project 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-25460
2022-11-16/2022-11-18Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work 2022-11-16 to 2022-11-1690
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesMoses project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-180
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesLEMDO project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-18405
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesKeats project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-18110
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesEndings project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-18105
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesDVPP 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-18130
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesDespatches project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-1810
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesMonument project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-18155
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesMAJW project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-18280
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesMoEML 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-1880
2022-11-09Martin HolmesFixes for Keats validation and gallery30
2022-11-09Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.21 published25
2022-11-08Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.3 published20
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work 2022-11-07 to 2022-11-1190
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesMoses work 2022-11-07 to 2022-11-1175
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-11-07 to 2022-11-11180
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesEB11 work40
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesDHQ editor work100
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesDVPP work 2022-111-07 to 2022-11-11215
2022-11-07/2022-11-08Martin HolmesMore release preparation work265
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesWendat work 2022-11-07 to 2022-11-1150
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesMonument project: matching family records0
2022-11-07/2022-11-11Martin HolmesMAJW work 2022-11-07 to 2022-11-1155
2022-11-03/2022-11-04Martin HolmesProgress with the Monument project200
2022-11-02Martin HolmesSwitched the Keats project over to using meta[@charset]25
2022-11-02Martin HolmesSwitched the MoEML project over to using meta[@charset]45
2022-10-31/2022-11-04Martin HolmesMoses work 2022-10-31 to 2022-11-04130
2022-10-31/2022-11-04Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-10-31 to 2022-11-04440
2022-10-31/2022-11-04Martin HolmesDHQ editor work280
2022-10-31/2022-11-04Martin HolmesFinishing off MS encoding60
2022-10-31/2022-11-04Martin HolmesMAJW work 2022-10-31 to 2022-11-04150
2022-10-27/2022-10-28Martin HolmesGetting started with the Monument project195
2022-10-26/2022-10-28Martin HolmesDVPP work 2022-10-26 to 2022-10-28210
2022-10-25/2022-10-28Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work 2022-10-25 to 2022-10-28180
2022-10-25/2022-10-28Martin HolmesMAJW work 2022-10-25 to 2022-10-28110
2022-10-24/2022-10-28Martin HolmesMoses work 2022-10-24 to 2022-10-2885
2022-10-24/2022-10-28Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-10-24 to 2022-10-28410
2022-10-24/2022-10-28Martin HolmesEB11 work proceeding110
2022-10-24/2022-10-28Martin HolmesDHQ editor work70
2022-10-24/2022-10-28Martin HolmesCloser to release180
2022-10-20/2022-10-21Martin HolmesMoEML 2022-10-20 to 2022-10-2125
2022-10-19Martin HolmesMoEML project meeting with prep and follow-up55
2022-10-18/2022-10-21Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work 2022-10-18 to 2022-10-21320
2022-10-18/2022-10-21Martin HolmesMoses work 2022-10-18 to 2022-10-21190
2022-10-18/2022-10-21Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-10-18 to 2022-10-21480
2022-10-17/2022-10-21Martin HolmesEB11 work proceeding50
2022-10-17/2022-10-21Martin HolmesDVPP work 2022-10-17 to 2022-10-21260
2022-10-17/2022-10-21Martin HolmesMoving ahead with tickets340
2022-10-17/2022-10-21Martin HolmesMAJW work 2022-10-17 to 2022-10-21175
2022-10-14Martin HolmesNew beta release of the Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry project15
2022-10-13/2022-10-14Martin HolmesPlanning meeting and tickets to implement220
2022-10-12/2022-10-14Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-10-12 to 2022-10-1460
2022-10-11/2022-10-14Martin HolmesTEI and ATOP work 2022-10-11 to 2022-10-1470
2022-10-11/2022-10-14Martin HolmesDVPP work 2022-10-11 to 2022-10-14470
2022-10-11/2022-10-14Martin HolmesMAJW work 2022-10-11 to 2022-10-1475
2022-10-07Martin HolmesA plan for the anthology builder55
2022-10-05/2022-10-07Martin HolmesATOP work 2022-10-05 to 2022-10-0795
2022-10-05Greg NewtonMap with filters testing1680
2022-10-04/2022-10-07Martin HolmesMoses work 2022-10-11 to 2022-10-14210
2022-10-04/2022-10-07Martin HolmesMoses work 2022-10-04 to 2022-10-07630
2022-10-03/2022-10-07Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-10-03 to 2022-10-07180
2022-10-03/2022-10-07Martin HolmesEB11 work getting under way255
2022-10-03/2022-10-07Martin HolmesDHQ editor work105
2022-10-03/2022-10-07Martin HolmesReconfiguring the database360
2022-10-03/2022-10-07Martin HolmesMAJW work 2022-10-03 to 2022-10-07390
2022-09-28Martin HolmesBack to release preparation work70
2022-09-27/2022-09-29Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-09-27 to 2022-09-29170
2022-09-27/2022-09-29Martin HolmesEB11: Preparation for workstudy370
2022-09-26/2022-09-29Martin HolmesInitial work on a MAJW build process460
2022-09-21/2022-09-28Martin HolmesATOP work 2022-09-21 to 2022-09-28190
2022-09-21/2022-09-23Martin HolmesMoses work 2022-09-21 to 2022-09-2330
2022-09-21/2022-09-23Martin HolmesMoEML work 2022-09-21 to 23160
2022-09-20Martin HolmesFixes from website stats40
2022-09-20Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-09-20 to 2022-09-23180
2022-09-12Stewart ArneilPast Wrongs, First Choices Programmer60
2022-09-07Stewart ArneilWebsite for Wikipedia Editing
2022-08-31Martin HolmesVisit from researcher with error report90
2022-08-30/2022-09-02Martin HolmesBugfix for new OL 7.0.0, and other questions105
2022-08-29/2022-09-02Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-08-29 to 2022-09-02450
2022-08-29Stewart Arneil, Tracey El HajjNarratives Documentation120
2022-08-29/2022-09-02Martin HolmesDVPP work 2022-08-29 to 2022-09-02420
2022-08-29Stewart Arneil, Tracey El HajjMAJW Documentation60
2022-08-25Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.20 published25
2022-08-24/2022-08-31Martin HolmesATOP: Meeting and follow-up work170
2022-08-23/2022-08-25Martin HolmesGrant proposal meeting; project meeting; bug fix255
2022-08-22Martin HolmesBugfix and ant scenario45
2022-08-22/2022-08-25Martin HolmesDHQ editors meeting370
2022-08-22/2022-08-26Martin HolmesInitial work for TEI presentation780
2022-08-10Martin HolmesA day in work, mostly LEMDO300
2022-08-10Martin HolmesBugfixing on redesign (2)50
2022-08-10Martin HolmesMoEML files should carry svn keyword comment blocks10
2022-08-09/2022-08-10Martin HolmesATOP: XSpec and meeting80
2022-07-29Martin HolmesCompleted Issue # 5135
2022-07-28Martin HolmesProject meeting45
2022-07-27Martin HolmesPresentation prep and delivery150
2022-07-26/2022-07-29Martin HolmesDHQ editors meeting85
2022-07-26Martin HolmesWorking on grant application135
2022-07-25/2022-07-29Martin HolmesLEMDO: Final week before vacation755
2022-07-21Martin HolmesProgram committee meeting80
2022-07-21/2022-07-22Martin HolmesDHQ editors meeting130
2022-07-21Martin HolmesBugfixing on redesign60
2022-07-21Martin HolmesProject meeting45
2022-07-20/2022-07-22Martin HolmesATOP: Digging into altIdent and multiple definitions of elements80
2022-07-20/2022-07-22Martin HolmesSite build now basically working300
2022-07-19Martin HolmesWorking on the home page redesign50
2022-07-18Martin HolmesMynDIR edition 2.3 released25
2022-07-18Martin HolmesDiagnostics work45
2022-07-18/2022-07-22Martin HolmesWork on diagnostics and Schematron195
2022-07-18/2022-07-22Martin HolmesMeeting, bugfixes, rendering255
2022-07-18Martin HolmesTurtle now in the build process45
2022-07-17Martin HolmesEdited my own article90
2022-07-15Greg NewtonFinalizing animation trail750
2022-07-14Martin HolmesCit extraction operation is done150
2022-07-14Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.19 published25
2022-07-14Martin HolmesTurtle now being generated75
2022-07-13/2022-07-15Martin HolmesATOP: More work on definining what should be in a PLODD file105
2022-07-13Martin HolmesMeeting on MoMS anthology rendering100
2022-07-12Martin HolmesMarginal notes130
2022-07-12Martin HolmesReorganization, refactoring, and some basic decisions180
2022-07-12Martin HolmesEdited JO’s article100
2022-07-12Martin HolmesFirst draft of presentation complete90
2022-07-11/2022-07-12Martin HolmesCit extraction and replacement code is written and tested; tweaks to PDF160
2022-07-11/2022-07-15Martin HolmesCSS remediation work: font size reset; SSHRC app90
2022-07-11Martin HolmesMS Potier 1744 now re-unified, with permanent ids30
2022-07-11Martin HolmesGetting started on generating Turtle75
2022-07-07/2022-07-08Martin HolmesPlan of Action for Extracting Cits375
2022-07-05/2022-07-07Martin HolmesDHQ special edition: first two revised articles copyedited170
2022-07-04/2022-07-08Martin HolmesATOP: Work on the hand-build schema for the PLODD105
2022-07-04/2022-07-06Martin HolmesStarted work on DH 2022 presentation170
2022-07-04/2022-07-08Martin HolmesWorking on the glossary; meeting and fixes200
2022-07-01/2022-07-08Martin HolmesCSS remediation work: some new ideas and tests90
2022-06-30Martin HolmesLEMDO: Remediation of non-sequential paragraph ids; Schematron; work on PDF200
2022-06-29Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: weekly meeting90
2022-06-29Martin HolmesSet up complete build process180
2022-06-29/2022-06-30Martin HolmesImplementing staticSearch for the dictionary260
2022-06-28Martin HolmesLEMDO: Schematron, ticket triage, fixes90
2022-06-28Martin HolmesMaking the anthology builder portable85
2022-06-27Martin HolmesLEMDO: Added Schematron20
2022-06-27Martin HolmesWendat-intensive day360
2022-06-24Martin HolmesLEMDO: Fix build break15
2022-06-23Martin HolmesLEMDO: Schematron15
2022-06-23/2022-06-24Martin HolmesAdding new numeric codes for FN data130
2022-06-23Martin HolmesSet up repo structure, schema and other things150
2022-06-23Martin HolmesDHQ special edition feedback to final author45
2022-06-23Greg NewtonRegimental diary spreadsheet30
2022-06-22Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: weekly meeting90
2022-06-22Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Working on Balisage presentation120
2022-06-21Martin HolmesMynDIR edition 2.2 released30
2022-06-21Martin HolmesLEMDO: Bug fix50
2022-06-21Martin HolmesFrancotoile: meeting and update plans90
2022-06-21Stewart ArneilTesting rebuild of Servitengasse site240
2022-06-21Greg NewtonActivity over the last two months900
2022-06-21Greg NewtonActivity log catchup3600
2022-06-21Greg NewtonActivity catchup900
2022-06-20Martin HolmesLEMDO: ticket triage and project meeting90
2022-06-20Martin HolmesFormalizing VIH source XML120
2022-06-17Martin HolmesAspect-mood table rendering180
2022-06-17Martin HolmesLINCS project integration: meeting with LINCS team90
2022-06-16Martin HolmesDHQ special edition prep and editors’ meeting; Balisage paper review110
2022-06-16Martin HolmesMore work on the anthology builder90
2022-06-16/2022-06-24Martin HolmesRewrite of the anthology builder345
2022-06-16Martin HolmesUnified the initial table generation90
2022-06-16Stewart ArneilDisappearing records in RelationToPrimarys table solved600
2022-06-15Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: weekly meeting110
2022-06-15Martin HolmesWork on the anthology builder150
2022-06-15Martin HolmesChecked particle rendering; started on event verb rendering115
2022-06-14Martin HolmesCompleted Issue # 5060
2022-06-14Martin HolmesDHQ special edition editors’ meeting120
2022-06-14Pat SzpakWorked on Colonial Despatches.180
2022-06-13Martin HolmesUpdate to TEI Oxygen plugin to handle Java changes40
2022-06-13Martin HolmesLEMDO: ticket triage and follow-up55
2022-06-13Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Fix for Java warnings; fix for TEI test build85
2022-06-13Martin HolmesFirst pass at particle entry rendering60
2022-06-13Martin HolmesConfiguring place elements for LINCS ingestion45
2022-06-13Martin HolmesAdding title attribute to assist encoders20
2022-06-13Martin HolmesMoEML/LEMDO/MoMS meeting and fallout150
2022-06-11Martin HolmesUpdated metadata; Tweaked access rights; Wrote XSLT to create JSON required for anthology builder60
2022-06-09Martin HolmesDHQ special edition editors’ meeting100
2022-06-09Martin HolmesUpdated metadata; XQuery for decade-by-decade comparisons; finished conference submission; work on IG app160
2022-06-08Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: weekly meeting100
2022-06-08Martin HolmesUpdated metadata; new diagnostics outputs; first draft of conference submission; work on IG app200
2022-06-08Martin HolmesLINCS project integration: meeting and description of work90
2022-06-07Martin HolmesTeam meeting and planning for the fall60
2022-06-07Martin HolmesYet another revision to citation format25
2022-06-07Martin HolmesWorking through the PDF feature requests140
2022-06-07Martin HolmesDuplicate ids and a new diagnostic55
2022-06-07Martin HolmesMore discussions on incoming data45
2022-06-07Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Balisage article and reviews90
2022-06-06Martin HolmesFix for bibliography sort issue; preparation for release30
2022-06-06Martin HolmesBack to the PDF rendering; and project meeting140
2022-06-06Martin HolmesFirst look at incoming FN data15
2022-06-06Martin HolmesSome XPath counts15
2022-06-06Martin HolmesGetting back into dictionary build transformations160
2022-06-06Martin HolmesFix for data borkage10
2022-06-03Martin HolmesBreezeMap and FacsViewer enhancements360
2022-05-25Martin HolmesSome initial listings pages and search; massaging gnarly data240
2022-05-25Stewart ArneilRelease 1.1
2022-05-17Martin HolmesHandling locations; fixing horrible data180
2022-05-10Martin HolmesHTML and CSS coming along310
2022-05-09Martin HolmesStarting on HTML rendering300
2022-05-06Martin HolmesCustom XML now fully working, with validation300
2022-05-05Martin HolmesAll fields now handled180
2022-05-05Martin HolmesMap of Early Modern London edition 7.0 released
2022-05-02Martin HolmesMore birthplaces; languages; race; and more uncomfortable subjects200
2022-05-02Martin HolmesPre-release fixes130
2022-04-29Martin HolmesBirthplaces and housing information100
2022-04-28Martin HolmesFont issues with Keats, solved45
2022-04-28Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.17 published45
2022-04-27Martin HolmesEncoding training day 2; more home page work180
2022-04-26Martin HolmesMore nationalities and occupations110
2022-04-26Martin HolmesEncoding training; more home page work160
2022-04-25Martin HolmesLocations, languages, nationalities, co-habitants150
2022-04-25Martin HolmesWork on citations and other fixes150
2022-04-25Martin HolmesBugfix and some discussions20
2022-04-25Martin HolmesLots of new redirects50
2022-04-21Martin HolmesCleanup after TEI release150
2022-04-21Martin HolmesWork on locations120
2022-04-21Martin Holmes, Tracey El HajjXSL maps for diagnostics
2022-04-20Martin HolmesWork on relationships to head90
2022-04-20Martin HolmesMeetings, plans, preparations and fixes190
2022-04-20Martin HolmesAutomated adding of useful renditions60
2022-04-20Martin HolmesMore progress on home page cards100
2022-04-20Martin HolmesCleanup after TEI release, and prep for our release150
2022-04-19Martin HolmesTEI Release Day90
2022-04-19Martin HolmesProgress on home page cards; timesheets; metadata updates90
2022-04-14Martin HolmesLEMDO: Meeting and more changes to output rendering90
2022-04-14Martin HolmesRotating page-images50
2022-04-14Martin HolmesFinal tweaks and language committee meeting240
2022-04-13Martin HolmesTwo meetings and some home page plans150
2022-04-13Martin HolmesWork leading up to committee meeting320
2022-04-11Martin HolmesEntries now showing up, and user views working300
2022-04-08Martin HolmesFixes for specific poems and rendering45
2022-04-08Martin HolmesSteps forward, steps back, on entry rendering240
2022-04-07Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Proofing article for Balisage90
2022-04-07Martin HolmesExamples rendering, pages building, index of examples linked240
2022-04-06Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: set up the wiki30
2022-04-06Martin HolmesSpinning up work for KF45
2022-04-06Martin HolmesSorting, collation and hyph rendering280
2022-04-06Martin HolmesSolving some problems with YW30
2022-04-05Martin HolmesLEMDO: Meeting and changes to output rendering120
2022-04-05Martin HolmesDiscussion of site, key poems, and XML training45
2022-04-05Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build: eg structure and page layout180
2022-04-04Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: weekly meeting90
2022-04-04Martin HolmesATOP ODD processing team: first meeting100
2022-04-04Martin HolmesAnother revision to citation format30
2022-04-04Martin HolmesSchema and XSLT conversion: birth dates and marital status60
2022-04-04Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build: layout and HTML-authored content280
2022-04-01Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build: page template and first page rendering270
2022-03-31Martin HolmesSchema and XSLT conversion150
2022-03-31Martin HolmesCitations in footer110
2022-03-31Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build: fonts180
2022-03-30Martin HolmesMeeting to review the beta site; changes resulting100
2022-03-29Martin HolmesA.S.SP speech numbering in the PDF120
2022-03-29Martin HolmesXQuery for research question; encoding for songs75
2022-03-29Martin HolmesRevisions to the reconstruction schema; first steps towards glossary rendering160
2022-03-28Martin HolmesTEI Stylesheets Task Force90
2022-03-28Martin HolmesLEMDO: Switching refs to pointers in documentation140
2022-03-28Martin HolmesFinal session in ENGL500120
2022-03-26Martin HolmesPrecise poem counts showing on pages
2022-03-25Martin HolmesTEI Stylesheets Working Group90
2022-03-25Martin HolmesLEMDO: New diagnostic, and discussions on tickets90
2022-03-25Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Article for Balisage50
2022-03-25Martin HolmesXQuery for sonic devices60
2022-03-24Martin HolmesA.S.SP speech numbering and rendering90
2022-03-24Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Cleanup of obsolete code and features50
2022-03-24Martin HolmesGlossary encoding and project meeting120
2022-03-22Martin HolmesLEMDO: Legacy data issues and TEI changes120
2022-03-22Martin HolmesEthnicities and genders90
2022-03-22Martin HolmesSwitching from cits to egs50
2022-03-21Martin HolmesGetting started on spreadsheet conversion60
2022-03-18Martin HolmesTicket discussions40
2022-03-18Martin HolmesMore prep for ENGL500120
2022-03-18Martin HolmesFixed error in Latin Wheelock exercise20
2022-03-17Martin HolmesSource document list came in; created new repo40
2022-03-17Martin HolmesDiscussions on the reconstruction schema140
2022-03-16Martin HolmesImplementation and revision of citation format75
2022-03-16Martin HolmesMeeting, plans, and prep for ENGL500180
2022-03-15Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.16 published30
2022-03-15Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build180
2022-03-15Martin HolmesStarted work on build process for dictionary120
2022-03-14Martin HolmesPlan for page citations20
2022-03-14Pat SzpakIlduro education materials
2022-03-14Martin HolmesSchema work150
2022-03-14Martin HolmesTest data set and various maps120
2022-03-12Martin HolmesStatus of DVPP March 2022
2022-02-15Martin HolmesDiagnostics and meeting130
2021-12-17Martin HolmesstaticSearch version 1.4 released
2021-12-17Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.14 published
2021-12-17Martin HolmesMyNDIR edition 2.1 released
2021-08-20Greg NewtonVertexer 2.0 release
2020-12-02Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.2 published
2020-06-04Martin HolmesWork required on AboriginalSerif font collection
Total time: 1176:10