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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2022-12-19 to 2022-12-23

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 130

Over the weekend I added the two remaining bios, but left aside the issue of images for the women because the two images we have are so radically different (one iconographic, one a modern photo of a statue) that I’m not sure how best to approach integrating them. Came back to that problem on Monday and started testing some approaches. I now have one image integrated. I fixed a couple of other annoyances as well, and expanded the placename output so it’s using the full county names rather than the abbreviations.

On Wednesday I added the usual alpha/beta version warning badge, and also reconfigured display of tables to show as lists when on small-width devices. I also tweaked the main font-weight for better clarity in the text.

On Thursday, I added search instructions to that page, tweaked some XSLT and CSS to make them display decently in a details element, and commented out some text placeholders from the info pages so that if we do go for a release soon, they won’t be distracting.