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The HCMC Journal

Welcome to the HCMC Journal site, where we track and document our work.

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2022-05-17Martin HolmesHandling locations; fixing horrible data180
2022-05-10Martin HolmesHTML and CSS coming along310
2022-05-09Martin HolmesStarting on HTML rendering300
2022-05-06Martin HolmesCustom XML now fully working, with validation300
2022-05-06Martin HolmesMDH: 608 + 3.50 = 611.50 hours G&T
2022-05-05Martin HolmesAll fields now handled180
2022-05-05Martin HolmesMap of Early Modern London edition 7.0 released
2022-05-02Martin HolmesMore birthplaces; languages; race; and more uncomfortable subjects200
2022-05-02Martin HolmesPre-release fixes130
2022-04-29Martin HolmesBirthplaces and housing information100
Total time: 28:20