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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 360

On Monday, fixed a bug where displayName fields in the relatives table were being ignored, then started working on embedding a map in the events and people pages. That’s basically working, but needs some tweaking. The original proposal was for the map to be on the right of the page, but I don’t think that’s ideal and I would like to revisit it. It looks better to me when it’s in the mobile view, just in the data column.

On Tuesday I made that change, and also updated the JS so that when other records are retrieved and inserted into a showing record, their own maps are stripped before insertion. This prevents the insertion of multiple maps with the same wrapping id. I also noticed some typos in the db and reported them to AB. In order to streamline issues with new db data, I modified the schema build process so that it first runs the db-retrieval and TEI generation tasks, so that the data being used to rebuild the schema is fresh.

On Wednesday, met with AB and came away with a list of minor fixes which I’m now working through.

On Friday, worked on a couple of graphics for the bios, encoded a couple more bios, and then encoded the About page, which is the first content provided by AB for regular site pages. That required some schema tweaks and some additional XSLT and CSS.