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HCMC Journal

Wendat work 2022-11-30 to 2022-12-02

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 150

ML added more new content to the site, which I had to rework, having discovered that I had failed to port the document type for the HTML site files from my wendat_programmer.xpr project file into the wendat_reconstruction.xpr file that she is using; went ahead and did that, and also tweaked the schema a bit. Then fixed a version file error (the dictionary staticSearch was pointing at the MS version file), rebuilt the dictionary and pushed it to the live site.

Meeting with ML on Thursday, during which we reworked the HTML page schema a bit, changed some CSS for it to make the site content display more logically, and then worked out some very complicated Teams tasks which are needed to rework the rendering of hyphs in two different contexts. I will need a lot of uninterrupted time to do the hyph processing work, since it’s extremely complicated.