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HCMC Journal

Projects: Wendat

2022-08-23/2022-08-25Martin HolmesGrant proposal meeting; project meeting; bug fix255
2022-07-28Martin HolmesProject meeting45
2022-07-21Martin HolmesProject meeting45
2022-07-11Martin HolmesMS Potier 1744 now re-unified, with permanent ids30
2022-07-04/2022-07-08Martin HolmesWorking on the glossary; meeting and fixes200
2022-06-29/2022-06-30Martin HolmesImplementing staticSearch for the dictionary260
2022-06-27Martin HolmesWendat-intensive day360
2022-06-17Martin HolmesAspect-mood table rendering180
2022-06-16Martin HolmesUnified the initial table generation90
2022-06-15Martin HolmesChecked particle rendering; started on event verb rendering115
2022-06-13Martin HolmesFirst pass at particle entry rendering60
2022-06-06Martin HolmesGetting back into dictionary build transformations160
2022-04-14Martin HolmesFinal tweaks and language committee meeting240
2022-04-13Martin HolmesWork leading up to committee meeting320
2022-04-11Martin HolmesEntries now showing up, and user views working300
2022-04-08Martin HolmesSteps forward, steps back, on entry rendering240
2022-04-07Martin HolmesExamples rendering, pages building, index of examples linked240
2022-04-06Martin HolmesSorting, collation and hyph rendering280
2022-04-05Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build: eg structure and page layout180
2022-04-04Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build: layout and HTML-authored content280
2022-04-01Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build: page template and first page rendering270
2022-03-31Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build: fonts180
2022-03-29Martin HolmesRevisions to the reconstruction schema; first steps towards glossary rendering160
2022-03-24Martin HolmesGlossary encoding and project meeting120
2022-03-22Martin HolmesSwitching from cits to egs50
2022-03-17Martin HolmesDiscussions on the reconstruction schema140
2022-03-15Martin HolmesMore progress on the dictionary build180
2022-03-15Martin HolmesStarted work on build process for dictionary120
Total time: 85:00