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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2023-10-30 to 2023-11-03

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 300

Managed to get some time for the project at last, and started building the pre-processing needed to create hyphs in a form which enables us to render them easily. I wrote basic templates for the first phase of this, then started on XSpec tests; the process of doing this has made me realize that it might make sense to start the whole dictionary build again, since it’s now diverged so far from the original plan that the existing code organization is really getting in the way. Also looked at the article back for proofing from the journal editor in meeting with ML.

On Friday, did a lot of work to get the current dictionary build half-working again after all the encoding and schema changes, then discussed and agreed with ML that we must basically get our encoding settled, and then I’ll write a whole new rendering process, since the current codebase has become unmaintainable.