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HCMC Journal

More progress on the dictionary build: page template and first page rendering

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 270

Today I got into the process of working out how the two language versions are going to be rendered, trying to make the process as efficent as possible by pre-processing both the page template itself (at the beginning, to get rid of the unwanted language) and the content of the current test page (the glossary). The latter is not working properly yet, but paradoxically for the actual glossary we don’t want it to.

I also reorganized and renamed a bunch of stuff to distinguish the dictionary build from the other build; later there will be a distinct manuscript-site build too. Then I integrated the JS and images into the output, and set up the CSS to use the fonts added yesterday. Progress is a little slow because we’re mixing multiple namespaces and phases in the process, so I might modularize the files a bit more too.