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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2024-01-29 to 2024-02-02

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 390

On Monday, worked a bit on example rendering, and fixed some issues with entries.

On Tuesday met with ML and planned a number of things, including backup signing auth so I can take over RA timesheets if necessary, and a couple of issues with the schema which we fixed. After committing schema fixes, ML made use of new options in encoding, and my XSLT broke because it wasn’t expecting the nesting now allowed.

On Wednesday, fixed the build break.

On Thursday, ML reported that rather than <hyph> elements in <stem> elements having their wrapping <st> child supplied automatically at preprocessing time, as we have been doing, there are cases where the entirety of the <hyph> contents should not actually be enclosed in an <st> element (for instance, when there’s a particular kind of prefix which is not actually part of the <st>), so in fact child <st> elements should be supplied at encoding time; that will need some remediation from ML, so in the meantime I’ve modified the preprocessing stage so that it only supplies a wrapper <st> in cases where there is no existing <st> as a child of the <hyph>.

On Friday, I finally got some uninterrupted time to get to grips with the dictionary build. I got the final remaining AJAX component, glossary entries, working, and then started on the main HTML generation. This is going slowly because I’m trying to refactor the original process, which used a confusing array of different modes, into two modes only, template and html. The source page template is now preprocessed for language and footer build information before it’s used to build individual pages, which should save some time, and the individual pure-HTML site pages are now rendering, with the exception of the processing-instructions for listings.