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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2023-11-14 to 2023-11-17

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 420

On Tuesday made Wendat the pilot for a new process which replaces the build-time checkout (using svn export) of the staticSearch codebase from GitHub with a static copy of the codebase in the Wendat repo, accompanied by an Ant task which refreshes it automatically. GitHub is ending support for svn in January, and using git clone to check out specific branches is not very elegant, so this approach is better. Also began a final proofing of the journal article, which has a very short turnaround time.

On Wednesday completed the article proofing.

On Thursday, worked on getting the XSpec to function for the preprocessing stage of the dictionary build; as usual, had to work around some whitespace issues, but it seems to be all good now. I wrote and added tests for the form/sense retrieval code. I also updated the diagnostics to take account of the change from @ref to @eq, and this revealed a lot more broken links that will need to be fixed, although I’ve coded around the problem for now.

On Friday, added the remaining set of required transformations to the preprocessing step, and wrote detailed tests for everything. In the process, as usual, learning a bit more about how XSpec works and how best to use it.