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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2024-04-15 to 2024-04-19

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 150

On Tuesday, met with ML, preparing for her absence. We tested my ability to approve timesheets, by my submitting the latest timesheets that came in yesterday, and that worked, but I was unable to see the account in FAST. After following up on that, it appears that a second permissions process needs to be gone through for that, and that process is now in progress. We looked at the alphabetic listing/sorting that I implemented last week and made a minor tweak to the character listing, and we also discussed problems and limitations due to staticSearch, which arise out of the fact that the hyphen needs to be a searchable character initially and finally, but staticSearch removes these on tokenization. After the meeting, it occurred to me that an obvious thing to do is to create a typeahead filter for all individual Wendat forms, giving a way to search only in Wendat text while still allowing the use of the English and French stemmers for non-Wendat content. That seems a good compromise.