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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2024-01-09 to 2024-01-12

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 215

Met with ML and the two encoders, and went through a list of issues they’ve encountered so far in the new grammar encoding. I debugged and fixed a couple of problems, and then edited the TEI customization extensively to add support for various list types, editorial notes, and other features which are needed. Also discussed the reconstruction work with ML, and made a couple of tweaks to that schema too. Fixed the build so that the new reconstruction diagnostics is actually preserved rather than being deleted by a subsequent build step.

On Friday, addressed a build break which turned out to be caused by the inevitable collision of our new encoding and our old dictionary build, which was still running as part of the Jenkins build. The new encoding now results in duplicate ids in the old output, and this is not worth fixing, so I just disabled that build in the Jenkins job (and put a copy of the Jenkins config.xml file in our repo, where is should definitely be for safe keeping).