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HCMC Journal

Moving ahead with tickets

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 340

On Monday I finished a first pass through the nested-checkbox staticSearch filters, and it seems to be working OK. Still waiting for feedback from ML on this, but since we also need it for DVPP and other projects it made sense to go ahead with it.

Did some more tweaks to the checkboxes on the following day, so that now the lower levels don’t appear when the user level is set to Simple or Learner. That covers all the features from that ticket, but there’s considerably more work to do on making the search page mnore user-friendly.

Meeting with ML on Thursday, where we went through all the tickets, and I then went ahead and implemented several of them, including some new ones related to the website interface, since we’re expecting grant committee folks may be looking at it soon. Published a new alpha to the live site. Had some difficulty building the schema due to some borkage in the local copy of the TEI Stylesheets, so I may have to figure out a fix for that. The raw HTML output from the documentation build is inserting or leaving an unwanted additional closing angle bracket right after the doctype declaration.