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HCMC Journal

Finishing off MS encoding

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 60

CBR and EH are finishing off encoding of MS 62, and in the comparison between their work it was decided that a normalization should be carried out across the entire MS collection: convert all cases where U+0351 appears above a vowel into a sequence of vowel + U+02BF. This should only apply to vowels; U+0351 following a non-vowel should be left alone. scheduled this for Thursday. At the moment, Teams seems to be broken so I can’t even comment on my own task in there.

On Thursday, I replaced all instances of a, e, i, o, or u followed by the combining left half ring above (U+0351) with the vowel followed by the modifier letter left half ring (U+02BF) in all the manuscripts. I updated our documentation to say that this is the preferred character, and I also added a Schematron rule that should catch us out if we try to use the wrong combination. I haven’t made any changes to combinations with ȣ (there are 28) and with y (there’s one), because we’re still investigating those cases.