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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2023-12-11 to 2023-12-15

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 240

On Monday, started on the process of setting up validation for the pre-processed expanded XML. This involves changing some content models and attribute availability, but also adding extra constraints to prevent the expanded forms from being used in the initial source encoding. At the end of the process, there are three cases of <entry>/<gram> elements which do not map to one of the new @pos values, so I raised that issue with ML. Those problems were fixed, so I’ve added the preprocessing step and subsequence validation to our Jenkins build. Also, we met with BS and EH to discuss encoding strategies for the grammar, and had a very fruitful meeting.

On Tuesday, met with ML; we removed all legacy @pos attributes, and then made some decisions about what stages of the build should handle various build tasks.

On Thursday, worked a bit on the CSS for the manuscript display; implemented lazy-loading for the page-images, and cleaned up some of the spacing to add clarity. We may still need to move to thumbnails, though.