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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2024-03-11 to 2024-03-15

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 120

Over the weekend, we had some discussion of FRs in the last document from ML, and made a little progress; on Monday, I made a number of changes to rendering, moving examples and putting stems into collapsing details elements. There is a little more to do there, because some captions are now appearing twice in order to serve as links to glossary entries as well as expand-contract triggers.

One thing that had emerged last week, and was agreed over the weekend, was to abandon the use of @type on the <b>,. <st>, and <r> elements in favour of the existing @lexCat, which was defined on the <gram> element. I’ve now extracted that into its own attribute class, and added it to those three elements as well as <gram>. I’ve updated all the processing to use that instead, and removed all the old @type attributes. This seems to have gone seamlessly.

On Friday, did one tweak to the rendering of stems.