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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2024-02-12 to 2024-02-16

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 610

On Monday, added a single landing page at the root with a language choice for the dictionary. This proved a bit trickier than expected, because of paths and lang attributes, but it is working now.

On Tuesday, got some screenshots with annotations from ML, and started working on those fixes. Then had a long meeting with ML which gave rise to some more decisions on rendering, and started work on implementing those requirements. Ended the day stuck on how to render placeholder words which appear in example hyphs representing a person or a noun, but which don’t have constituent morphemes, making hyph-rendering a bit of a puzzle.

On Wednesday morning, I figured out a workaround for that problem by inserting a dummy morpheme at the pre-processing stage; that will certainly solve the problem for the moment.

On Thursday, continued working through the feature requests and changes, and got most of them done, although the remaining few are tricky. Things are looking better all the time.

On Friday, got auto-harvested examples for monomorphemic entries sorting correctly, implemented the rather complex processing of morpheme link targets with multiple pointers, and added JS to highlight target forms and senses. New suggestions kept coming in, so I have a set of things to do early next week, aiming to publish on Wednesday, but it might be a little tight.