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HCMC Journal

Revisions to the reconstruction schema; first steps towards glossary rendering

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 160

After discussions with ML, we’ve further modified the example encoding so that we’re using the form element instead of the quote element. To make this work, I’ve given the form element two alternative content models, plain text or structured, and in the former case, the @orth attribute is required. All the existing content has been updated and is valid.

I also started work on some basic rendering for the planned glossary, for which the schema is now complete. I’m planning to render in two ways, as a single-page table for the whole glossary, and also as AJAX fragments for popups. This is a good test of integrating stylesheets covering both TEI and our wdt namespace as part of the same site generation codebase, although in actual fact we plan to split the dictionary out from the manuscript site in the end.