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HCMC Journal

Sorting, collation and hyph rendering

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 280

Today we figured out how to generate sort keys for the Wendat forms which will sort them in the correct sequence without a custom collation, so that we can sort things on the fly on the site. This wasn’t trivial, but it turned out that paired sequences of vowel + n could be substituted with single alphabetic letters that are not used in the language but sort in the right place, so it seems to be working fine.

I also started working on the interlinear-style rendering of hyphs, partly hampered by the fact that most morphemes are not linked to existing entries yet, but I have figured out some effective ways of using XSLT maps to do easy lookups that hide the complexity of nested structures, which is very useful. We have also changed our naming conventions for ids to make their purpose clearer, and I’ve added Schematron to constrain the forms.