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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2024-02-20 to 2024-02-23

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 535

Over the weekend, continued working through the screenshot requests, and got about half of them done. On Tuesday, got a new list of requirements from ML and worked through the majority of those; what’s left is mostly the search reorganization.

On Wednesday, reworked the search pages as requested, fixed many more buglets, and at the end of the day, pushed a fresh version to the live site ahead of our meeting on Friday.

On Thursday, did some tweaks to the build process to include the edition number and to ensure that listings pages are not indexed by the search.

On Friday, we had the meeting with the Language Committee and got lots of feedback; following that, I fixed one bug where English content was displaying on the French site, and reworked how some rows in the hyph table are displayed, as they requested.