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HCMC Journal

Wendat work 2023-08-14 to 2023-08-18

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 375

Did one more pass through the chapter, then met with ML and discussed the remaining issues. Then I reworked all the screenshots to get good hi-res versions of them on Rumpole.

On Tuesday morning, redid one screenshot because of a change to the XML, created the full entry screenshot for the appendix, and reorganized the content in the repo. Then did a full final pass through the article, fixing some things based on the styleguide and making some more minor suggested changes, before handing back to ML. Then a couple more image fixes arising out of that, before it was finally submitted.

On Thursday, received one of the other chapters for review (part of the process is mutual review) and completed that review immediately because of the tight turn-around the publication has.