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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2024-03-04 to 2024-03-08

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 350

Over the weekend, spent quite a lot of time trying to reconfigure the search to produce more intuitive results, and to some extent succeeded, but there seems to be a problem with assigning weights to the specific contexts I need them in; I believe this is a bug in the staticSearch 1.4 branch, although I’m waiting for JT to take a look at it since it involves the tokenization and JSON generation. If it is a bug, it will need to be fixed, but meanwhile we might switch to using the dev branch since the dictionary is still in early alpha.

On Tuesday, met as usual and worked through a new set of requirements that I’ve now half done. Also heard from JT on the staticSearch issue; it is a bug, in both branches, and we’ll get it fixed.

On Thursday, having created a new staticSearch release in the 1.4 branch with JT’s bugfix and my additional test for it, I rolled this release into the Wendat tree, then tested and confirmed it was working. Did some more fixes from the list arising from our meeting, and released a new alpha version.

On Friday, started working through the latest list of changes received from ML overnight. Several of them are complicated and require some clarification, but I got many of them done by the end of the day. Waiting for responses on most of the others.