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HCMC Journal

Implementing staticSearch for the dictionary

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 260

I set up the various config files and implemented the build processes to get the search pages working for both languages of the dictionary, tested, and pushed the build results to the live site.

The next stage was to get the filters working, and I built those as maps generated from the categories. For each category, I generate a map-entry with the key being the pointer that points to that category, and the value being a staticSearch meta tag, constructed by taking the ancestor taxonomy caption as the name/descriptor and the category caption as the value/content. This seems to be working OK, although there are some wrinkles to work out.

I’m also noticing a few oddities in the staticSearch tokenizer, which seems to be tokenizing on some glyphs which are part of Wendat forms, so that will need some attention.

Also had a project meeting and discussed how we might auto-discover appropriate examples for lexical entries, by distinguishing between derivational and non-derivational morphemes; any example which contains the same sequence of derivational morphemes as the entry does, without any additional ones, should be a good candidate example.