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HCMC Journal

Wendat 2024-04-08 to 2024-04-12

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 365

Per ML’s request, added a little link from the label cell of every root, stem, or base which has @ref pointing to an entry, a form, or a stem, linking directly to the target item. This raised the issue of how to handle target stems which are inside closed <details> elements, and after some thinking I came up with the code below, which seems to be working very well:

if (document.location.hash !== ''){
   document.querySelectorAll('details:has(' + document.location.hash + ')').forEach(function(d){d.setAttribute('open', 'open')});

Just logging it here so I can find it when I need it for something else. This should probably be in the onload handle for every page that uses <details> elements containing elements with ids.

Also updated the MS documentation; it was still suggesting the old CollabNet SVN client for Windows.

On Tuesday, missed a meeting with ML, but did complete the rendering of verb class information when different verb classes apply for different definitions; also tweaked some other rendering issues, and looked at the proposal for the glyph list for sorting and dividing entry and examples lists. This throws up questions about how our sort-key generation function should work, so I’ve raised these with ML.

On Thursday, finished a first pass through the sort function, and then used it and some associated resources around the alphabetical sequence to add initial-letter dividers on the entry and example listing pages along with clickable buttons at the top to jump to sections.

On Friday, new contracts for the RAs were signed.