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HCMC Journal

BreezeMap and FacsViewer enhancements

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 360

For the Devilfish project, we’re working on optimizing and enhancing the BreezeMap codebase to make the integration between animations and feature display on the timeline smoother, and I made a number of fixes today for this; I have one more enhancement ticket which should contribute a lot to these goals which involves pre-calculating the features to be shown and hidden for any given timeline point and storing these in a map, and I’ll get to that in the coming week.

At the same time, I’ve been working on the FacsViewer code to fix issues raised by PS on the Despatches project, and realized that I had Despatches on its own branch, I have DVPP on the dev branch, and I also have the master branch going. I’ve basically merged the changes from the Despatches branch into master, so that’s working (although PS will have to make a couple of changes to CSS selectors to take account of a change there); the next thing to do will be to diff the master and dev branches and see how far apart DVPP is, and then figure out how to merge those two so that DVPP gets the benefit of any changes without losing anything it’s using from the dev branch. I need to do better branch management, obviously.