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HCMC Journal

Getting started with the Monument project

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 195

Did some initial analysis of the person records we have in the LOI production collection, and determined that we can do some pretty effective mining of this data to find the majority of names of people who need to be represented on the monument; it’s straightforward for adults, but children’s names will have to be mined from their parents’ records, and some additional cunning will be required to assemble all related people into families. Then in a meeting with MA, SA and JSR, we determined that it would be useful to create a family-id designation which we could add to the LOI dataset, so that the Monument project work could feed back into the LOI archive by providing new records as well as solidifying these family ids to enable better searches of our recordset.

I’ve started writing some XSLT to parse out the names of relatives and build a bigger dataset of related people, but it’s not trivial.

On Friday, pushed forward with the XSLT which is trying to parse out the family member names and relationships from the personography note elements. I solved some messy regex issues, but there’s a long way to go with this yet.