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HCMC Journal

Bugfix for new OL 7.0.0, and other questions

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 105

GN reported that the latest OL breaks the use of custom controls and interactions in our test data, and presumably in existing sites if they were ever updated. After some research we discovered that ol.control.defaults is now ol.control.defaults.defaults, and ditto for ol.interaction.defaults. After working on a lot of workarounds yesterday, to pin the test build to a specific version, I’ve now reverted that work and just changed the test data in the repo. All is now working. But why?

Then more discussion arising out of the Devilfish project. We discovered that a customized version of the BreezeMap JS was hard-coded into the project and was causing JS errors; showed GN how to override a method of a prototype to suppress its functionality without editing the original source or generating errors. Discussed the possibility of providing two different versions of a category image, one for the map and one for the popup category description box, but this seems pointless; CSS should be able to handle problems with transparency/bg colour etc.