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HCMC Journal


2023-08-09Martin HolmesProject meeting for staticSearch120
2023-06-20Martin HolmesImplementation of first part of issue #268120
2023-06-14/2023-06-16Martin HolmesStarted on filter label issue90
2023-05-31Martin HolmesRegular meeting and next-issue planning90
2023-03-22Martin HolmesRegular meeting and decisions on v2 progress90
2023-02-06Martin HolmesNew template for date-range posts20
2022-12-16Martin HolmesstaticSearch version 1.4.3 released
2022-10-11Martin HolmesA more flexible one-to-many field; other plans120
2022-08-30/2022-09-02Martin HolmesBugfix for new OL 7.0.0, and other questions105
2022-07-29Martin HolmesCompleted Issue # 5135
2022-07-07Martin HolmesPrint CSS for report builder45
2022-07-07Martin HolmesConverting character encoding settings65
2022-06-23Martin HolmesDocumented report-builder; added support for links in category descriptions60
2022-06-22Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Working on Balisage presentation120
2022-06-22Martin HolmesFinished report-builder100
2022-06-21Martin HolmesAdding report-building functionality120
2022-06-15Martin HolmesFix for category assignment issue30
2022-06-14Martin HolmesCompleted Issue # 5060
2022-06-13Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Fix for Java warnings; fix for TEI test build85
2022-06-13Martin HolmesNew keystroke shortcuts10
2022-06-09Martin HolmesNew feature shows minutes spent in search results75
2022-06-08Martin HolmesNew timeline processing in BreezeMap build (Issue # 50)45
2022-06-08Martin HolmesProgress with new timeline processing in BreezeMap build (Issue # 50)90
2022-06-07Martin HolmesEmitting a new event in BreezeMap35
2022-06-07Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Balisage article and reviews90
2022-05-27Martin HolmesPython simple server for testing complex sites
2022-04-07Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Proofing article for Balisage90
2022-04-05Martin HolmesTweaks for GN20
2022-04-01Martin HolmesWorklog charting tool120
2022-03-25Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Article for Balisage50
2022-03-25Martin HolmesFonts and favicons90
2022-03-24Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Cleanup of obsolete code and features50
2022-03-22Martin HolmesNew sections in documentation75
2022-03-22Tracey El HajjConverting Posts from the Old Blog
2022-03-15Martin HolmesNew search features, error-trapping, and other updates150
2022-03-14Martin HolmesAuthor-mode CSS and other updates180
2022-03-11Martin HolmesHCMC Journal: first version ready for use120
2021-12-17Martin HolmesstaticSearch version 1.4 released
Total time: 46:05