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HCMC Journal

MAJW work 2022-10-17 to 2022-10-21

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 175

Starting work on the bibliographical content, there’s a lot that will need to be done because of the rather vague and very compressed/abbreviated nature of the source referencing in the db. I created a bibliography file and did a first pass through creating entries for the editions, many of which are multi-volume series for which we should include entries for each volume used, but as some of them have not been referenced at all yet, there’s no way to know which volumes to include. Once we’re happy with the editions, I’ll move on to the presumably rather more complicated manuscript descriptions.

Got some clear guidance from AB on the style (Chicago) and the requirement to split out the individual volumes of the multi-volume sets, so I’ll act on that next.

Also rewrote the diagnostics section handling potential identity between primaries and relatives so that it detects cases which are already tagged as possible identity cases and ignores them in its report. That was remarkably tricky.