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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2023-09-04 to 2023-09-08

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 145

Over the weekend, worked with JJ to get a new classroom anthology working, so that we can provide web access to a small collection of unpublished plays for the purposes of teaching. That now seems to be working OK.

On Monday, spent some time wrestling with a Schematron problem whereby an error that was reported correctly in the Oxygen interface was not caught when the global validation process was run during the build. This proved to be caused by the old Schematron stylesheets we’re still using, which, combined with the TEI stylesheets that process the ODD file, can’t seem to handle the correct escaping of the apostrophe in both contexts; if it works in Oxygen, it will not work in the build process. It’s possible that a switch to SchXslt will fix this, but that’s going to take a little while to accomplish.

Also on Monday set up the public site for the new Classroom anthology, and added a staticSearch to it (which took 8 minutes exactly).

On Thursday, after some discussion, created another new anthology for the purposes of peer-review, solving another lingering problem about where to put these things so people can look at them.

On Friday, ironed out a couple of issues with the anthology builds, and created a placeholder (but reasonable) SVG favicon for LEMDO, which I’ve added to the classroom and peer-review anthologies.