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HCMC Journal

Projects: LEMDO

2022-10-03/2022-10-07Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-10-03 to 2022-10-0780
2022-09-27/2022-09-29Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-09-27 to 2022-09-29170
2022-09-20Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-09-20 to 2022-09-23180
2022-08-29/2022-09-02Martin HolmesLEMDO work 2022-08-29 to 2022-09-02450
2022-08-22Martin HolmesBugfix and ant scenario45
2022-08-10Martin HolmesA day in work, mostly LEMDO300
2022-07-25/2022-07-29Martin HolmesLEMDO: Final week before vacation755
2022-07-18/2022-07-22Martin HolmesMeeting, bugfixes, rendering255
2022-07-13Martin HolmesMeeting on MoMS anthology rendering100
2022-07-12Martin HolmesMarginal notes130
2022-06-30Martin HolmesLEMDO: Remediation of non-sequential paragraph ids; Schematron; work on PDF200
2022-06-28Martin HolmesLEMDO: Schematron, ticket triage, fixes90
2022-06-27Martin HolmesLEMDO: Added Schematron20
2022-06-24Martin HolmesLEMDO: Fix build break15
2022-06-23Martin HolmesLEMDO: Schematron15
2022-06-21Martin HolmesLEMDO: Bug fix50
2022-06-20Martin HolmesLEMDO: ticket triage and project meeting90
2022-06-13Martin HolmesLEMDO: ticket triage and follow-up55
2022-06-13Martin HolmesMoEML/LEMDO/MoMS meeting and fallout150
2022-06-07Martin HolmesWorking through the PDF feature requests140
2022-06-07Martin HolmesDuplicate ids and a new diagnostic55
2022-06-06Martin HolmesBack to the PDF rendering; and project meeting140
2022-04-21Martin HolmesCleanup after TEI release150
2022-04-14Martin HolmesLEMDO: Meeting and more changes to output rendering90
2022-04-05Martin HolmesLEMDO: Meeting and changes to output rendering120
2022-03-29Martin HolmesA.S.SP speech numbering in the PDF120
2022-03-28Martin HolmesLEMDO: Switching refs to pointers in documentation140
2022-03-25Martin HolmesLEMDO: New diagnostic, and discussions on tickets90
2022-03-24Martin HolmesA.S.SP speech numbering and rendering90
2022-03-22Martin HolmesLEMDO: Legacy data issues and TEI changes120
2022-03-18Martin HolmesTicket discussions40
Total time: 74:05