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HCMC Journal

LEMDO work 2022-10-18 to 2022-10-21

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 480

Following PS’s reworking of the lemdo-dev menus, I started the work of updating the menu structures in the other anthologies by having a go at QME. The menu structures are now different because there’s no landing-page default link for the root menu, so it took a little reorganization. Then it turned out that the anthology build code was looking for the old nav id and that broke builds, so I had to rework some of that. I’ll do the rest of the anthologies later in the week. PS is now working on fixing up the QME custom CSS to handle the changes before we hand it back to the QME team.

We also discovered that the CollabNet svn client we’ve been recommending for Windows is no longer being maintained, so I had to do some testing of alternatives, and settled eventually on the SlikSVN client, which worked fine on my Windows VM.

On Wednesday, fixed the menus for the remaining anthologies, and discussed with PS how we might abstract some of the features into the build process, so that encoders and editors are not expected to deal with complex structures such as nested SVGs; and hatched a plan which PS is now working on to build responsive menus with graceful degradation using nested details elements.

Friday was mostly a LEMDO day. Working with PS, we put together a detailed plan for encoding and rendering images, to allow for encoders to provide layout hints when they want floated images, but enable the CSS to be properly adaptive. We examined the current state of image encoding and detailed our plan on the GitHub ticket. I changed the existing image rendering to provide explicit HTML size attributes, and fixed a couple of fallout issues. I also started work on some XQuery which should be able to discover the extent of annotation and collation overlap; it’s not a trivial task, but I’ve done the basics (retrieving all the range offsets for each annotation and storing them in a map); next is the much harder issue of figuring out which of them overlap in an efficient manner.