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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2023-078-09 to 2023-08-11

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 295

On Wednesday, worked through existing tickets and managed to solve three, which will be closed when the next build successfully completes. Fixed a schema issue with NH, enabling the use of <objectName>, which can now be styled with CSS. Then I moved on to looking at the annotation/collation problem; the original overlap module no longer works properly, and I have a new potential approach (outlined on ticket #181) which I’ve been thinking about for some time, which uses an accumulator to keep track of which annotations or collations apply to any particular text node as you work through the text. I implemented a proof-of-concept which seems to work perfectly, so I think the approach is safe, and I can start working on a full implementation. With luck, it might actually speed up the build, although I’m not counting on that; it’s not clear what impact the accumulator will have, or how long it will take to build the two maps I need.

On Friday, debugged a build break, and met with NH and JJ to brainstorm for the next grant application.