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HCMC Journal

LEMDO: Final week before vacation

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 755

2022-07-25: 300 mins

Continuing with some work started at the weekend, I tweaked the diagnostics report output so it includes, for each diagnostic, the CLI command to run only that specific diagnostic, something which is invaluable when you’re hacking away at a few dozen issues from a single diagnostic. Then I made use of that to start whittling away at more of the ill-formed ids. I got rid of over two hundred, including all the ones that are in the documentation, meaning I was able to add a Schematron rule to force properly-formed ids throughout the documentation. In the rest of the collection, there are about three dozen remaining auto-generated ids attached to notes, and so I tweaked some existing utility XSLT and fixed those.

Then added the second Schematron rule and tested it; fixed a couple of dozen errors found by that. Then I started to look at bad internal links, and found a complete line was missing from H5; it was flagged up by the fact that annotations were pointing at anchors that were once there. Retrieved the line from a 2020 rev and restored it per JJ.

2022-07-26: 90 mins

Split out the broken internal links diagnostic into urgent and non-urgent items, and then started hacking away at the urgent ones, now down to less than 30. Also discussed grants and funding with JJ.

2022-07-27: 20 mins

More fixes and tweaks to diagnostics.

2022-07-28: 250 mins

Spent most of the day rewriting documentation and testing and fixing build processes in advance of meeting with QME folks tomorrow; I needed to be sure that everything we’re recommending as a working methodology works properly. After that, I dealt with one GitHub ticket (#41) that might have some significant fallout for the products, but which needed to be handled before I go on vacation because PS will need the change in place. Also diagnosed and fixed some bugs coming from quote marks that had been left in place inside quote elements in a modern text, which is a bit bizarre.

2022-07-29: 95 mins

Fixed two rendering bugs from GitHub tickets: <foreign> elements in modern texts, and a problematic repeated page title in documentation. Closed those tickets.