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HCMC Journal

2023-02-27 to 2023-03-03

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 230

On Monday, first put together a proposal on GH ticket #126 for how to handle the <gap> element, which I’d been working on over the weekend.

On Tuesday, did some debugging of an overnight build break, which turned out to be caused by some minor invalidities and some example content left in place. Then triaged some tickets, and fixed another build break which was due to nested annotations; I added Schematron to prevent the problem from cropping up again. Also looked into NV’s report that links to chapter headings in the odd file using <ptr> were not working, but it turns out they are.

On Wednesday, the team were in HCMC and we worked on anthology building, facsimile linking, and various bugs and issues. Substantial progress.

On Friday, added a couple of lines to the cron job that runs on home1t to list out all the images in the facsimiles folder in anticipation of using that listing to check the accuracy of facs links as part of the diagnostics.