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HCMC Journal

LEMDO work 2022-10-12 to 2022-10-14

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 60

Project meeting, with yet more discussion of the problems caused by overlapping annotation spans. After a half-decision last week to go back to traditional footnote numbers, we seem to be gravitating back to trying to make the multi-annotation/multi-popup system work properly. In the meantime, I have a GitHub issue tasking me with discovering the scale of the problem (how many annotations are actually part of overlapping clumps).

The other point of interest this week was a build break which was caused by the fact that @facs was (correctly) used to point to a <surface> element in a facsimile file, but because the <surface> element didn’t have a child <graphic> element, the build failed. Supplying the graphic fixed the problem. We still need work on the facsimile display stuff, though; right now it’s invoking some JS which shows an image at the bottom of the page. We’re considering using the same simple approach that DVPP uses.