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HCMC Journal

LEMDO project 2022-12-12 to 2022-12-16

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 360

On Monday, worked through a couple of tickets/issues, one of which was a major bug outstanding for a while (incorrect handling of linked orgs, which were not ending up in the standalone appendix, which was actually the subject of two tickets). Discussed with PS how to integrate the custom home page design into the anthology build process, and decided that if a specific splash element is included in the site page template for an anthology, it would be integrated into the home page ONLY for the anthology.

On Tuesday, working with PS, we got the new splash feature working and the site building properly; some CSS tweaks are still to be done. We also set up a procedure for building in favicons, which requires that the icons be in a specific folder in the anthology site and that the site page template include the favicon links.

On Thursday, worked on a couple of tickets: for issue #82, wrote the code to generate element and attribute listings in response to a processing-instruction in the documentation, using the lemdo.rng schema, which is I think the cleanest way to do it. Implemented a CSS change to make lineation notes appear like other notes (#91), and closed a couple of other tickets that had been implemented but needed confirmation from the build.