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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 275

Over the weekend, did a couple of fixes from the diagnostics, and tweaked the diagnostics a little. We needed a convention for indicating in markup that two bibliography items are distinct although they seem similar, otherwise the duplicate bibliography item diagnostic is mostly useless; talking to the team about that.

On Monday, I created the convention and added the programming code to support it; pending a successful build and no side-effects, someone (which might be me) can add documentation on this, and someone else can look at the current diagnostic and add those tags where appropriate.

On Tuesday, worked on some tickets (mostly investigation/debugging), and answered some questions on the ODD file and schema build from MG and JJ.

On Wednesday, met with NH and JJ to discuss linking and pointers; we clarified a lot of things which were not spelled out in our documentation, and generated a bunch of tickets for me to act on.

On Thursday, I looked at the overnight build break, which was caused by the simultaneous import of an org and its parent org, which were both linked, causing a duplicate import of the child org. This is a new and thorny issue, which we’re discussing right now. Also we had a project meeting, mostly reviewing the release of MoMS 1.0.

On Monday I added a few more tests to the XSpec for the functions module, and raised a question about the protocol for the default URL for the TEI p5subset.xml.