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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2023-11-14 to 2023-11-17

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 200

On Monday, after piloting the process in the simpler Wendat project, I rewrote the LEMDO build process to use a local copy of the staticSearch codebase in our repository, added an Ant task to refresh that codebase mechanically when required, and added new documentation covering all of this. Then implemented the switch from text[@type='standoff'] to the new standOff element, which was not as painful as I had feared; there will be some more code cleanup to do after I’m sure everything is working properly. Finally, worked on the text-level diagnostics, where I set the transformation up as the default transformation for LEMDO XML files, and then implemented a listing of entrances and exits. There are more things we can do here, but it’s not yet clear exactly what will be useful.

On Tuesday, did a second pass through all the XSLT and the schema to remove or refactor any remaining references to the old encoding pattern.