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HCMC Journal

LEMDO work 2022-10-31 to 2022-11-04

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 440

Worked with PS to figure out a strategy for image encoding and rendering that will support the range of different image styles the team wants to use and be optimized for rendering. The strategy we’ve settled on is to always include the true image width and height in the <img> tag (taken from the TEI), along with a pre-calculated @class attribute of landscape or portrait. This gives enough info for the rest of the layout decisions to be handled by the CSS.

The TEI <figure> element will be used attribute to provide caption and alt text, and a @type attribute will be used to specify the preferred rendering option (still to be specified).

Also closed some tickets whose fixes have proved successful, and added a couple of CSS tweaks over the weekend.

On Tuesday, we had a scheduled meeting to go through the proposed rollout of the new taxonomy for @place. We made a number of decisions on this and other issues:

On Thursday, worked through some open tickets, and finally fixed the problem with issue #6, so I expect to see a working search filter for documentation audiences when the build has completed.

On Friday, JJ and I eliminated all cases of listBibl/head in favour of a <head> element in a parent <div> and changed the schema so that only <bibl> is allowed in <listBibl>. This makes processing much easier.