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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2023-08-24 to 2023-08-25

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 180

On Thursday, started work on implementing the alternative approach to overlap for which I have a prototype on the GitHub ticket. The real scenario is more complicated than the prototype, of course, but the approach should work. However, there are so many issues with the current approach to rendering that we had a long discussion in Teams about how to make the output less confusing for the reader; we still haven’t finalized ideas on that, so although I can proceed with the basic approach, the actual output will have to wait on the resolution of some interface questions.

On Friday, started down the road of writing XSpec tests to do a test-driven dev approach next week. I think the current output form is very verbose, and I’d like to take this opportunity to simplify it; that will take more changes to the JavaScript (which has to be rewritten anyway) and to the SCSS (which would have needed some changes too), but it will reduce the page-weight considerably.