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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2024-06-03 to 2024-06-07

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 615

On Monday, worked on the text-level diagnostics per FRs from BGH; included both CSS and JS as separate files, moved the output location, implemented automated expansion of contractions prior to doing stats counts, and added two new stats counts to the main table. Also added some Schematron to catch duplicate signatures.

On Wednesday, worked on a re-conversion of an old ISE file for JJ; the conversion code was outdated and needed some fixes, but I got it to run in the end. Then, in anticipation of doing complicated things in the PDF build, I thought I would get my head back into the LaTeX space by just adding support for tables, but that proved not to work as expected, so the code is commented out for the moment.

On Thursday, looked again at tables briefly, and confirmed that I can output a simple table, but I’m still getting warnings so I might need to comment that stuff out again. Then went on to the gnarly issue of switching between line-numbering and speech numbering; that aspect of the problem was easily solved, but the rendering of localCit pointers is WAY harder, and after a couple of hard hours I’m still not there.

On Friday, with some help from the team with a gnarly regex, finally got the ASSP rendering working properly in the PDFs, which means the referencing systems are now fully switchable between ASL and ASSP. Also spent some time trying to figure out how to handle warnings triggered by the tabularx package, but we haven’t got that sorted yet.