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HCMC Journal

LEMDO project 2022-12-19 to 2022-12-23

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 470

We’re working towards a release of the MoMS anthology by the end of the week. Over the weekend, I started proofing and testing things, and raised a couple of issues on GitHub; on Monday I investigated one of those more thoroughly, and it goes back to the encoding pattern, so I’m waiting for a response from the team on whether there’s anything I need to do there. Also over the weekend I found a lot of hard-coded links to the Jinks server in the documentation; that’s definitely not allowed, so I removed them all and added a Schematron rule to prevent them.

Also on Monday, worked on a couple of other issues, including a very puzzling thing where a clear mixin for mobile was being ignored by browsers, making the crest image from the splash screen appear enormous; I wasn’t able to figure out why it was being ignored, but I was able to supply an alternative sizing control which doesn’t depend on a media query, which should suffice for this release, till PS is able to get back to it and figure out the problem.

Again on Monday, I noted that the raw collation and annotation files were being included in the editions, which was a little puzzling since they don’t really mean much in the absence of the text itself, but more urgent was the problem that the witness links on the collation page don’t work because the code handling them was written in the expectation that they would be appearing in the context of a full page. I added a quick fix for that in the JS and CSS, and I think they’re now publishable, although really each item in both of the pages should link to the target location in the text. That’s a long-term goal.

On Tuesday, continued working on some mobile issues, some of which are problems at the lemdo-dev level. By the time we release, I will have made a number of interventions in the CSS which should be viewed as temporary fixes and referred back to PS, so I’m going to keep tickets open for that. In particular, I added special rendering for simple tables so that the CSS can present them as lists on small-form-factor devices, as we do in MoEML; that seems to be working well, and has solved the one remaining rendering issue I know of right now for the MoMS release.

On Wednesday, project meeting and checkin for the upcoming release, and then I started looking at a CSS bug on Firefox in mobile: the home page link is unclickable because the expanding search field appears to obscure it, or the process of hiding it when clicking to focus in the header causes it to be hidden before the link click is actually processed. I figured out and implemented a temporary fix for this, and documented it on the ticket so that PS can deal with it when he’s back, but we can stil publish MoMS in the meantime.

On Thursday, set the version to 1.0 ready for release, but there were a few more CSS and rendering issues detailed on a GitHub ticket from NH, which I worked through. Two subsequent issues were noticed and fixed, and by lunchtime we were waiting for a final build to complete ready for the release. After lunch, I did the release, and I will document the arrangement, process, and rationale in a private post.

On Friday, did some minor edits to the LEMDO home page for JJ.