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HCMC Journal

Endings 2024-05-27 to 2024-05-31

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 260

On Monday, worked on a build-break that turned out to be caused by a file that looked like it was a collation file but wasn’t. The build does rely a lot on filenames rather than catRefs for speed purposes. Also removed a couple more documents from the excluded list, since they’re being worked on now.

On Tuesday, in preparation for Thursday’s intro to validation and diagnostics, I worked through a bunch of bad links and other issues in the current diagnostics, and fixed a lot. Considered adding Schematron to catch trailing punctuation which has found its way into naming elements, but the number of required fixes would be too large right now. I then started looking at the diagnostic which detects possible duplicate bibls, and added some refinements which substantially reduce the number of candidate hits by checking volume numbers and counts of titles. Finally this diagnostic may actually be useful.

On Wednesday reviewed and updated the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting.

On Thursday did a presentation for the team on the build process, and discussed some issues related to the PDF with BGH. Also started work on some enhancements to the text-level diagnostics requested by BGH.