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HCMC Journal

LEMDO project 2022-12-06 to 2022-12-09

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 305

Worked with NH on a proposed Schematron rule which actually turned out to be too orthogonal to the current practice to bring into play; NH has commented on the GH ticket to ask for more guidance.

Following up on decisions made on the ticket on Wednesday, I implemented the component which is part of the anthology diagnostics; this raises new errors in the QME anthology, but that’s what it’s for. Did some other preparatory work on another GitHub ticket, and then we had the project meeting in the afternoon.

On Thursday, long and useful discussion with JJ about incoming datasets and the partnership grant proposal. I need to put some serious thinking time into figuring out how we create a coherent but potentially distributed or fragmented dataset, so that the scale of the repo is not overwhelming for checkouts, as our scale increases.