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HCMC Journal

LEMDO project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-18

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 405

On Monday, investigated an apparent bug reported in the rendering of ASSP localCit references, but this turned out to be caused by the presence of unnecessary @n attributes, which the documentation was encouraging people to add without reason. I think we will end up removing all @n attributes on acts, scenes and speeches where they are simply mechanical, leaving only those which serve the functio of providing the text label the ASSP processing will use.

On Tuesday we used the opportunity of the changes to the @place attribute which have been planned for a while to do an introduction to XSLT; we needed to integrate the new taxonomy into the ODD file using expandODD.xsl, then build the ODD, then write and debug an identity transform to change the old to new values; then we had to run that cautiously over the whole collection, and finally deal with any fallout. We’re still actually working on that into Wednesday morning, but overall it went quite smoothly.

Also on Wednesday we looked into the use or non-use of @n attributes in processing of localCit pointers, and found that while the ASSP processing for the web was using them when it shouldn’t be (fix committed), the PDF build depends on them and so the Schematron that insists on them is correct. We have two distinct processing approaches because the PDF uses line-numbering generated at build time in addition to speech numbering.

On Thursday, tweaked our override of att.placement so that we don’t get the unwanted original exempla from the TEI source, and wrote processing for a processing instruction that will render our collection of ready-made rendition elements as a table in the documentation.

On Friday, I did my weekly trawl through the tickets, closing one completed one, pushing a couple more forward, and raising questions on others.