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HCMC Journal

Meeting, bugfixes, rendering

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 255

2022-07-18: 150 mins

LEMDO project meeting and discussion on CSS feature requests.

Arising out of the meeting, fixed a couple of bugs:

  1. emd1HW_Q1 had previously broken the build, and all its <pb> tags had been commented out on the assumption that something was wrong with the rendering pipeline. It turned out that there were simply typos in four of the facs pointers, so I fixed those, and I think the build should now succeed.
  2. A bug in the diagnostics meant that all facs pointers were showing up as bad internal links in the diagnostics. That was caused by the fact that the TAXO1 <prefixDef> for facs expanded it to a relative path including the leading facsimiles subfolder, but the diagnostics are run against the source as it is output in the products folder, were all files live side-by-side. Tweaking the <prefixDef> solves the problem, but to figure it out I ended up creating an XSpec file for the diagnostics, which will be useful in future.
  3. Changed the caption for editions which contain a text, since it had confused people.

2022-07-19: 60 mins

Another impromptu meeting on the issue of OS rendering, specifically looking at the @place attribute, which is defined in the att.placement class, but overridden in the <stage> element; the values we settle on will have to be usable for a number of elements, and will be mapped to renditions in the taxonomy file. More info is on the GitHub tickets raised today.

2022-07-21: 45 mins

Worked on a build break that turned out to be caused by nesting <label> elements inside <seg> and <hi> elements; fixed the one remaining instance, and added Schematron to prevent this nesting, which results in invalid HTML (<div>s inside <span>s).

Also wrestled the printer into printing a sample page of H5 at true 6 x 9 size so we could confirm that the font sizes for the print output are actually reader-friendly.