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HCMC Journal

LEMDO: Remediation of non-sequential paragraph ids; Schematron; work on PDF

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 200

The ticket asking for all cases where paragraph id numbers have become non-sequential due to editing/remediation to be processed to make them sequential has thrown up a couple of issues. First, we had to make a decision about whether paragraphs inside cit/quotes should be numbered; the decision was no, since these are all inside an editorial paragraph which has a number. That works fine for re-processing all the texts whose ids have not yet been pointed at by other texts, so I’ve done a bunch of that work, but it turns out that there are existing texts such as FV where there are numbers missing in the sequence as well as ids on paragraphs inside quotes, and other documents have lots of pointers pointing at them. I’m now waiting for a decision on how that should be handled. Meanwhile, the Schematron to constrain this is commented out for the moment.

I also fixed another Schematron issue: if you write the XPath for your Schematron in a particular way, you’ll find that while it works in the context of the RELAX NG file (and therefore in Oxygen), it is not successfully extracted from the RNG by the Schematron libraries in a form which works when the Schematron validation is run using a compiled XSLT file. I had to rewrite one Schematron rule which then generated a lot of errors that had been slipping by the build. This is now all fixed, I hope.

Finally, I worked on more of the PDF rendering, and fixed a couple of remaining issues from the report document. I also switched the fonts from the old Vollkorn and Josefin Sans to Alegreya and Alegreya Sans respectively, which seems to have worked pretty well, and does look better. Also figured out how to render the marginal line and speech numbers in grey, which is one option to reduce their prominence a little. If that isn’t good enough, I can go and get a lighter version of the Alegreya font and integrate that.