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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2023-06-12 to 2023-06-16

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 380

Over the weekend did some testing and ended up reverting a bunch of changes made for GitHub issue #155 to get back to a point where the collation links were working again. #155 had to be reworked, so I had another shot at it on Monday, and confirmed that the new fix worked locally without any bad fallout; waiting for the Jenkins build before closing the ticket.

Also on Monday, had a meeting on QME about style/display issues, some for PS to deal with and some for me. I wrote a little XSLT to read image dimensions from a file generated with ImageMagick and add them to the graphic/@url element as attributes; that worked fine for FBFB and FV, but the vast majority of images in QME are in Leir, and those are still the old static: links and hard-coded links out to the old site, so until those are remediated we can’t fix them.

On Tuesday, fixed a build break, auto-encoded the dimensions of a couple more sets of images, and discussed with NH how we might push this process further with automation of the import of external images from the old sites which are currently linked in our files.

On Thursday, Worked with NH and JJ to make a global change to the ids and captions of two key categories of editorial treatment, which will almost certainly have fallout.

On Friday, wrote a new diagnostic to catch all usages of our now-obsolete old-spelling/modern-spelling terminology, and tweaked the duplicate bibl detection diagnostic to account for the fact that people often omit the bibl: prefix in pointer attributes in favour of a hash when items are in the same file.