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HCMC Journal

2023-02-21 to 2023-02-24

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 420

On Tuesday, preparing for the Douai folks to appear the next day, I normalized a bunch of oddities in the TEI <space> element, and then wrote XSLT to generate HTML for it (which hadn’t been done before). Then in a meeting with JJ, we put the basic anthology materials in place, and then discussed the positioning of footnote numbers around punctuation. The board have decided that in the PDF, footnote numbers should always follow punctuation, regardless of where the actual anchor is inserted, so I’ve added a build step to the PDF to make that happen. The code is fairly basis right now, so I’m expecting to have to make it more elaborate at some point.

On Wednesday, CS arrived from France, and we spent a couple of hours walking through the LEMDO build process and the anthology system, which resulted in one new ticket, and more to come, on the LEMDO repo.

On Thursday, did a lot of work with JJ and CS setting up handling for MS features including <add>, <del>, and various <choice> combinations, as well as helping CS get set up to do partial test builds on his laptop.

On Friday, we looked at the <castList> encoding and rendering question, and I encoded one individual case as an example for a GitHub ticket. Then we worked on questions relating to tracking revision campaigns and linking them to hands. This required some changes to the schema. I also triaged the GH tickets.